Enjoy Drawing
In every day life, the endless quest for the unachievable perfection, has a tendency of rendering mediocre achievements to the point of futility. The standards are set by the chosen few, who are lucky enough to be defined as great. In their eyes, the good idea, is simply not good enough. We hate this. Our view is that of a simpler mind. We find mediocre achievements to be underrated. Doing something has more value than over thinking something. And criticizing are for intellectuals and smooth talkers. We have no grand idea, just the satisfaction of a creative process, and a product to show for.

We draw. On things.

Quality by quantity
We started up drawing on what ever was placed in front of us. On rainy days we would get some beers, and then sit down and just draw for hours. If you do it long enough, eventually quality will be found in a vast amount of quantity. And if the correnct people see you producing quality, three letter companies will suddenly get in touch. So because of rainy days and beer, we are now working with FMC, PWC, JCP and NPU. Next year we will be targeting four letter companies.


Ambassedor for House of Bergen by MK Norway
Nomination for European Design Awards 2015
Nomination for Visuelt 2015
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